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LoveSmart Film Festival 2007

LoveSmart Film Festival winners Ryan Verbel and Lilia Gaigg
Finalist entries from the 2007 LoveSmart Film Festival were shown at Passaic County Community College on May 5. The two winning entries were "Decisions" by Ryan Verbel, a high school senior at E. Stroudsburg, PA who will be attending Temple University in the Fall of 2007, and "Alec's Story" by Lilia Gaigg, a freshman at Westwood High School in New Jersey.

"Decisions" is a moving 4 minute music video ("Save Yourself" by Sense Field from Network Records) portraying different stages in a relationship between a couple in high school, the initial friendship, excitement and attraction, becoming sexually intimate, the girl becoming pregnant, and the final decision she must make.

"Alec's Story," a story done in animé about a young man who learns that he is HIV-infected and who his real friends are. It contains beautifully done drawings that display the talent of this young New Jersey artist.

Both videos will be posted on