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Safe sex is tricky, used wrong, sex can be a lethal weapon. Get the facts, there are alternatives. Real freedom is yours, you do have choices!
What is Free Teens?

Free Teens is a reality-based, abstinence-centered HIV/AIDS, STDs, and Pregnancy Prevention program used in 38 states and in more than 70 countries around the world. It has been translated into 12 languages.

Zambia Training
It is hard for me to find the words to describe my experience during the 7 days Alain Tommelessio and I spent in the "Copperbelt" region of Zambia bringing the Free Teens program to a country that, while full of promise and natural beauty and resources, faces serious challenges.
Read my story...


Free Teens Zambia Report on Ndola presentations
The survey was conducted after presenting the “Living in the Age of AIDS” and “Deciding your future” lessons. Over 440 students at Dominican Convent School from grade 8 to10 in Ndola received teachings from PDHC (Z) educators and participated in the survey.

Free Teens Activities in Kitwe, Zambia
192 youths from various schools and colleges attended a Free Teens HIV/AIDS prevention seminar in Kitwe, Zambia on August 19-20, 2006. The program began with entertainment including songs about HIV/AIDS from several musical groups and choirs and performances by a number of youth drama groups.
AIDS patient
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Each month includes photos of Free Teens youth, Free Teens activity dates, healthy relationship facts plus a Virtue of the month!

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Media Summit 2007
Registration is now open for the Lovesmarts Video Contest 2007.
Learn more and download entry form here.

Registration is now open for the Media Summit 2007.
Learn more and download entry form here.
LoveSmart 06 Film Festival Winners "Memoirs of a Man-ho," "Man at the Podium," and "The Choice Game" won the top three prizes at the 2006 LoveSmart Film Festival, which was held at the AMC Cineplex in Paramus, NJ, on April 29. All of the eight competing finalists, submitted by high school students from New Jersey and around the country, address the costs of uncommitted sex or the positive value and benefits of delaying sexual involvement.

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The Free Teens RQ: Relationship Intelligence puts forth a positive vision of healthy relationships, in three sections: Self Leadership, Interpersonal Relationships, and Community Leadership. Endorsed by the Institute for American Values
RQ: Relationship Intelligence Training Seminar 2004 Responses and Pictures
ABC Model in Uganda Reduces HIV by Two Thirds
The potential of abstinence-centered, character-based sexuality education to directly reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS infection among adolescents and adults is highlighted by a case study published by the U.S. Agency for International Development (2002), “What Happened in Uganda? Declining HIV Prevalence, Behavior Change, and the National Response.”
New Study Proves Virginity Pledges Work
A new study released by the Heritage Foundation of Washington, DC, proves that teens who pledge to abstain from sexual activity until marriage have "better life outcomes and are far less likely to engage in risky behaviors than non-pledgers."
Watching Sex on Television Predicts Adolescent Initiation of Sexual Behavior
Early sexual initiation is an important social and health issue. A recent survey suggested that most sexually experienced teens wish they had waited longer to have intercourse...
Chains of affections link 288 at a midwestern HS
The first map of romantic liaisons in a U.S. high school reveals an elaborate, high-risk trail of love.
A Snapshot of Teen Sex.
US Gov: Condom effectiveness limited against many STDs!
"There are multiple distinct challenges to design future studies that COULD draw clear conclusions about effectiveness of condom use in preventing STDs." Read more...
Randomized Trial Finds Teen Abstinence Ed Effective
An article in the January, 2005 Journal of Adolescent Health reports a rigorous 4 year study, which found that randomly assigned female students exposed to an abstinence-centered program in a Chilean high school had five times lower pregnancy rates than the control group of female students, which received no intervention. Read the report...
Prague, Czech
Report on conference in Prague, Czech Republic. Risk Behavior of Adolescents and its Prevention. National Public Health Institute. It was the 5th annual seminar in the Czech Republic organized by Dr. Marcela Rozehnalová, chairman of CEVAP (Center for Ethical Education and Social Pathology Prevention). Over the past 5 years one of the main activities of CEVAP has been to teach the Free Teens Program. Read more...
Can one song make a difference in the world? Can one movie or TV show have a positive impact in people's lives? What about 100 songs? What about 1000 new songs, movies and TV shows a day? was born through the synergy of ideas from Richard Panzer, founder of Free Teens USA and Diego Costa, a professional musician, songwriter and web-music entrepreneur. Check out the Culture Machine!
Real Deal
The Real Deal on Love, Relationships and Marriage, three video/DVD series is a valuable new tool to help educators initiate discussions about healthy relationships, stages of intimacy, and the documented benefits of marriage. Read more...
Mary's Story
Hello! My name is Mary and I am a single 18 year old mother to a beautiful 5 week old baby.

A Girl's Guide to Survival in the Dating Swamp...

Teens Want to Wait
Two-thirds of U.S. teenagers who have had sexual relations wish they had waited longer, a new survey has found
Why Millenials are rebelling against their Baby Boomer parents and seeking lasting love relationships

Autumn's Story
She never believed that she would die. Which 25 year-old wants to imagine her own death?

Is he or she REALLY your friend? Take the quiz!
I recently lost my virginity last week wasn't what I expected... "It's MY Body!" US Gov: Condom Effectiveness Limited Against Many STDs! Bush Admin. Weighs Condom Warning ...I have chosen to stop having sex until I am more mature...

Do you know the 13 reasons why some young people choose to have sex?

Human beings have the POWER to choose whether or not to have sex!
Keep that power!
Newsweek Magazine: Choosing Virginity
JAMA Study: Good News for Parents.
Marriage Myths
Contraceptive Effectiveness?
Bush Administration Weighs Condom Warning
Abstinence, Not Condoms...
Just Hormones?
Frontline: Lost Children of Rockdale County
US Gov. Now Doubts Condoms
Congratulations on taking the first step towards good health, taking action to get accurate information! This site has some eye-opening and thought-provoking real life stories. And if you'd like to become a contributor to our new Teen Culture Section and write music or movie reviews, let us know!
Mommy, Daddy, Where Do Babies Come From?
Fatherhood Fact from the National Fatherhood Initiative

A study on parent-infant attachment found that fathers who were affectionate, spent time with their children, and overall had a positive attitude were more likely to have securely attached infants.

Source: Cox, M.J. "Prediction of Infant-Father and Infant- Mother Attachment." Development Psychology 28 (1992): 474-483.

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