Schools Target Risky Mix of Alcohol, Sex
Detroit News (03.04.02), Sheri Hall

The scene is nothing new to Stevenson High School 10th grader Julie Phens. At parties, the guys keep a steady flow of beer coming to girls and then try to pressure them into sex. "The girls are drinking beer after beer, and the guys really never seem drunk. But you know they expect something to happen," said the Michigan student.

The situation is a nationwide problem: Teens and young people get drunk or high, then engage is risky sexual activity. A recent national survey shows teens who drink alcohol are seven times more likely to have sex than non-drinking teens. "I'm deeply, deeply concerned," said Laura Matthews, a social worker at Rochester High School. "And when they're under the influence, they're more likely to engage in risky sexual behavior so the consequences ate STDs, pregnancy, emotional damage and damage to their reputation," she said.
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